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Aisatsu Mawari in Miyagawa-Cho

One of the things that make Kyoto so diverse, so interesting and so easy to discover is the way so many events take place without surprise, at a given date, a given time at a specific place, a famous temple or an unknown shrine, because this is the way it’s been for a very long time.

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Shigyo Shiki around Kamishichiken

On January fourth, the formal ceremony called Shigyo-Shiki, or official ceremony for the start of the year, took place in the Kamishichiken geisha district. For this ceremony, all the local maiko and geiko dress up and gather at the large Kaburenjo or theater.

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Maiko and Geiko Photo Shoot

Like numerous people living in or visiting Kyoto, one of my favorite photography subjects are the beautiful maiko, or apprentice geisha. Sure, there are a number of ways to catch a photo of one of them walking down a street, but this is more than uncertain — good luck as well as a good dose of patience are always necessary.

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PPK, 11th Maiko and Momiji Photo Contest

I am honored to have again one of my photos prized (Special Selection) at the PPK Photo Contest. Twice a year, in the Fall and the Spring, the PPK Association (Photo Partner Kyoto) organizes a public photo shoot with several maiko and geiko. This time, in November 2016, the shoot took again place in . . .

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Maiko & Momiji 2016

Twice a year, the association PPK (Photo Partner Kyoto) organizes a public photo shoot in a temple or a garden with Geiko and Maiko. These are rare opportunities and are very popular. Indeed, they manage to pack and organize a couple of hundreds excited photographers around five models and a bunch of assistants and other staff.

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Kuromontsuki Kimonos

If you walked around one of Kyoto’s Hanamachi (flower town or Geisha District), early January, you may have seen Maiko and Geiko beautifully dressed in their formal black “Kuromontsuki” kimono, and wearing a real rice stalk “kanzashi” or ornamental hairpin. Around, you also probably saw hordes of photographers, ready to capture a photo of this event.

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Photo Partner West, 6th Maiko Photo Shoot

Following my first experience with a photo shoot, I attended the March 2016 sessions of Maiko Photo Shoot organized by PPW (Photo Partner West), an umbrella organization of photographers in the West of Japan. The shoot took place at a private garden of the Heian Jingu Shrine.

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PPK, 10th Maiko and Momiji Photo Contest

This was the first time I attended such a photo shoot in Kyoto. The “Maiko and Momiji” photo shoot was organized by PPK (Photo Partner Kyoto), an association of photographers in Kyoto. There were five maiko and geiko at the Chishaku-In Temple, and almost 500 photographers over the three sessions.

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Rain over the Hanamachi

I like raining days in Kyoto, mainly around the Hanamachi, the flower town or geisha districts of Kyoto. Yes, when it’s raining, even a little bit, it’s always a great opportunity to see the Maiko and Geiko walking down the streets, holding these beautiful “Bangasa”, the old traditional waxed silk umbrellas.

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