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Heavy rain over the Hanamachi

We have just spent a couple of days with a typhoon and therefore a lot of rain. This remained me of a photo I recently captured of Maiko Kikusana protecting herself from the rain with a traditional Japanese Wagasa umbrella in one of Kyoto Hanamachi or Geisha District. 

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Hassaku in Gion

The first of August is a very special day in Kyoto’s various Geisha Districts, and especially so in Gion. Named after a term that designates the first day of the eighth month of the ancient Japanese calendar, Gion’s Hassaku is a special opportunity to see many of the “Geiko” and “Maiko” from Japan’s most renowned “Hanamachi” or geisha district wearing their most beautiful attire.

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Katsuyama Hairstyle for Gion Matsuri

A lot of specific details related to the Gion Matsuri can be seen all around Kyoto during the month of July.  One of these is the way every senior maiko styles her hair in the Katsuyama hairstyle during the time of the festival.

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Photoshoot with Maiko Fukuharu

One of the advantages of the photoshoot organized on a small scale by smaller company or individuals is the small number of photographers. With only a few fellow photographers around, everyone has a chance to direct the model and compose and create his or her image.

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Aisatsu Mawari in Miyagawa-Cho

One of the things that make Kyoto so diverse, so interesting and so easy to discover is the way so many events take place without surprise, at a given date, a given time at a specific place, a famous temple or an unknown shrine, because this is the way it’s been for a very long time.

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Shigyo Shiki around Kamishichiken

On January fourth, the formal ceremony called Shigyo-Shiki, or official ceremony for the start of the year, took place in the Kamishichiken geisha district. For this ceremony, all the local maiko and geiko dress up and gather at the large Kaburenjo or theater.

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Maiko and Geiko Photo Shoot

Like numerous people living in or visiting Kyoto, one of my favorite photography subjects are the beautiful maiko, or apprentice geisha. Sure, there are a number of ways to catch a photo of one of them walking down a street, but this is more than uncertain — good luck as well as a good dose of patience are always necessary.

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PPK, 11th Maiko and Momiji Photo Contest

I am honored to have again one of my photos prized (Special Selection) at the PPK Photo Contest. Twice a year, in the Fall and the Spring, the PPK Association (Photo Partner Kyoto) organizes a public photo shoot with several maiko and geiko. This time, in November 2016, the shoot took again place in . . .

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