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Maiko Koyori eBook

In Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, there remains a secret world that has changed very little since the Edo period – the “Hanamachi” (花街) or “flowers town”. This is where you’ll find old “okiya” (geisha houses) and “ochaya” (tea houses) where the geisha still live and work in the old traditional Japanese way.

This is where I met Koyori san…

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Geiko Toshiemi – Photos Exhibition

Toward the end of February 2021, I heard that the popular geiko Toshiemi san was about to retire. This was surprising news about one of the most popular Geiko of the Miyagawa-Cho Kagai. I promptly asked around and received confirmation of her decision to leave.

I was then lucky to be able to arrange for the last photoshoot with her. This took place on the 2nd of March, the day she actually retired.

Geiko Toshiemi was wearing a beautiful pink kimono…

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Misedashi in Gion Kobu

Today was a big day for a young girl. Yes, after completing her pre-apprenticeship or training for several months (sometimes up to a year), Maiko Haruchizu (Tama Okiya) has finally been introduced to the people of her Hanamachi (geisha district). This is what is called a “Misedashi” or formal introduction/debut.

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Maiko Kimisaki – Photos Exhibition

January 15th, 2020. I am currently not in Japan and I have just heard about Maiko Kimisaki retirement!  I had the pleasure and privilege of four different photoshoots with maiko Kimisaki. I’m presenting here what I think are the best images I was able to capture of her.

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New Year’s Greeting around Kamishichiken

Taking place on January 4th, the Shin Aisatsu (新挨拶) or New Year’s Greeting of the Kamishichiken Hanamachi (Geisha District) is the first “event” of the year around Kyoto’s Kagai (another word for the so-called “flower town” or geisha world of Kyoto). 

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January 2020 – Maiko & Momiji

The following photos were made during three public photoshoots organized in Kyoto during the Fall (2018 and 2019). The theme is always “Maiko & Momiji”. The photos were taken at the Chishakuin Temple, the National Museum and the Shôsei-en Garden, with groups of five geimaiko.

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