Maiko Haruchizu Misedashi in Gion Kobu

Today was a big day for a young girl. Yes, after completing her pre-apprenticeship or training for several months (sometimes up to a year), Maiko Haruchizu (Tama Okiya) has finally been introduced to the people of her Hanamachi (geisha district). This is what is called a “Misedashi” or formal introduction/debut. 

During the Misedashi, the young maiko is escorted by her dresser (called “otokoshi”) around her Hanamachi and together they visit local tea houses (ochaya) and other establishements to be introduced and to let them know that she has started working.

On this day and for three days, she’s wearing her most formal attire, a black “kuromontsuki” kimono and a golden obi. Her make-up features the formal “Sanbonashi” or three stripes on the back of her neck, together with a special hairdo called Misedashi Wareshinobu. Her hair is also decorated with numerous special items such as a luxurious and sophisticated “kanzashi” or hair ornament made of turtoise shell.