Kinkaku-ji Temple, the Golden Pavilion under snow in Winter

坪庭 – Tsubo Niwa (Courtyard Garden)

Just three photos in our little “Tsubo Niwa” or courtyard garden. This garden is located in the “service area” of the Ochaya. The actual entrance of the house is just behind the stairs you used to go down, at the back of the building. Once the owner or person in charge has entered, she (or he) would move toward the front entrance to turn on the lights and welcome the guests. The back entrance is also used to receive the dishes and most of the drinks ordered for the parties of the guests above.

These two photos were made outside with Maiko Yuzuha (Tama Okiya) and Mami (Mi No Yae Okiya) of Gion Kobu, in the gorgeous garden of Daineiken, a private part of the Nanzen-ji Temple.


The third photo was captured in the street of Miyagawa-cho, on a rainy day.