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Editorial and Personal Licensing, Wall Art and Prints

Many of the photographs featured on this website are available for editorial and personal licensing as well as wall art and prints.  You can choose between Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, and Giclee Art Prints.

Limited Art Prints

Contact me with your idea. There are many options but the possibilities differ depending on the country you live in.

eBooks about Kyoto

I’ve written and co-authored a few eBooks about Kyoto and I am planning to write more as soon as I have the time. Go to the Book Store for more detail.

If you do buy a book, note that due to the nature of electronic eBook, and the low price asked for, I cannot offer any refund. 


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Maiko Koyori eBook

Maiko Koyori

– Her short career in 200 photos –

In Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, there remains a secret world that has changed very little since the Edo period – the “Hanamachi” (花街) or “Flowers Town”. This is where you’ll find old “okiya” (geisha houses) and “ochaya” (tea houses) where the geisha still live and work in the old traditional Japanese way.

This is where I met Koyori san when she was still a “Shikomi”, a young girl still trying to decide if she would become a maiko, and then a geisha or geiko. This ebook follows the short career of Maiko Koyori, a geisha apprentice in Kyoto, from her debut in November 2021 to her sudden retirement a few months later. It is an insider look at this Kyoto’s secret world. With over 200 photos, the eBook features unique views of her “misedashi” preparation, makeup, and dressing, and public presentation. It also features numerous portraits and pictures of her dancing during practice sessions, photoshoots, and an Ozashiki party. Many parts of her attire are described and explained. An excellent introduction to the traditional world of geisha, full of elegance, beauty, style, and art.

by Richard Brown and Patrick Hochner
– Made for Photographers, by Photographers –

This 94-page e-book gives you the best and broadest coverage of Kyoto’s most photogenic locations. The book includes a chapter on the Bucket List locations followed by chapters on different areas of the city. The book includes over 100 photographs, maps, suggested itineraries and planning essentials, as well as photographer-specific details and insider tips on photographic challenges and opportunities at the more than 40 locations introduced.

The Gion Matsuri Festival, A Visitor’s Manual

“In this book, I am providing explanation and description for a subjective selection of events, from a local foreigner’s point of view, someone with a camera. This book is meant to be practical first, with details of location and schedule of events alongside their description. At the same time, it is a photo book, chocked full of inspirational photographs taken over the last three years.”

Kôyô – The Fall Foliage in Kyoto

Kôyô, the Japanese term for the fall foliage season, is a beautiful and magical time in and around Kyoto. The season attracts as many tourists as the cherry-blossom season. Starting from the surrounding mountains and hills, every temple, every garden burst with a combination of yellow, orange and red colors.

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Hanami – Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto       

With over 200 photos, this book will not only show you the beauty of the cherry blossoms in Kyoto but it will explain and describe the way the Japanese people enjoy this season. It will provide you with information and suggestions to discover and enjoy this most wonderful period in this amazing city that has been Japan’s capital for over 1,000 years.

US$7.99   Get it now!     Special DISCOUNT Offer     50% OFF!     Only US$3.99