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Kyoto is such an amazing city.  It has so much to offer to everyone.  There is so much to visit, experience, enjoy, see, taste, discover, encounter. Everyone finds something different, something magic.  Here are a few of my Kyoto favorites.   


My recent favorite spots

Dinner at Stephane Pantel

A dinner at Ryoriya Stephane Pantel is always a treat. Although we love the traditional Kyoto Haute Cuisine, KyoKaiseki, we also like the refreshing difference brought along by Stephane. This mixture of French and Japanese technics essentially used with local ingredients, but not only is surprising!.

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Okame Cherry at the Chotokuji Temple

This year’s cherry blossom is a bit late…. But there are still various places where one can see and enjoy cherry flowers. The Omake Cherry Tree in front of the Chotokuji Temple is one of the first to bloom in Kyoto.

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