Maiko Koyori – Photos of her short career

In Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, there remains a secret world that has changed very little since the Edo period – the “Hanamachi” (花街) or “flowers town”. This is where you’ll find old “okiya” (geisha houses) and “ochaya” (tea houses) where the geisha still live and work in the old traditional Japanese way.

This is where I met Koyori san when she was still a “Shikomi” a young girl still trying to decide if she would become a maiko. This ebook follows the short career of Maiko Koyori, a geisha apprentice in Kyoto, from her debut in November 2021 to her retirement a few months later. It is an insider look at this Kyoto’s secret world. With over 200 photos, the eBook features unique views of her misedashi preparation, makeup, and dressing, and public presentation. It also features numerous portraits and pictures of her dancing during practice sessions, photoshoots, and an Ozashiki party. Many parts of her attire are described and explained. An excellent introduction to the traditional world of geisha, full of elegance, beauty, style, and art.

The ebook is available for immediate download after purchase, The 102-page ebook is in PDF format (81 MB) and features over 200 photos.  

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Maiko Koyori

by Patrick Hochner

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