Mountain of cherry blossom, Yoshino

After the ebook about the “Kôyô” or fall foliage season in Kyoto, I am starting a new project about “Hanami” or how to enjoy the Cherry Blossom Season in and around Kyoto.

I’ve spent the last five spring seasons in Kyoto looking at these wonderful little flowers, and have learned quite a bit about this “Hanami” that is so particular to Japan and the Japanese people. And of course, I’ve been taking a lot of photos. There is no doubt that a little insight information about the right locations and the famous spots, some basic knowledge about the different varieties of cherry, from the early to the late bloomers, the history of some of the famous trees around this amazing city that has been Japan’s capital for over a thousand years, as well as a little understanding on how the Japanese people apprehend, live and share this special season, goes a long way to the enjoyment one can get.

Cherry Blossom

 I hope this little endeavor will help visitors to Kyoto to have a better understanding and more enjoyment of this unique Japanese occupation that is “Hanami”.

The eBook has finally been released and you can see the details by clicking the link below!

Hanami – Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto