Junsei Yudofu Restaurant

The restaurant Junsei serves “Yudofu”, or boiled tofu in English, a popular dish around Nanzen-Ji and around Arashiyama.  People say that these two places produce different Yudofu tasting differently.  This one, “Junsei”, is the perfect exemple of what to expect from Nanzen-Ji.

There are lots of Tofu restaurants in Kyoto, but what makes this restaurant more interesting than others is its beautiful garden with the building “Junsei Shoin”.  This place was originally built in 1839 as a medical school and became quite popular as such. It was later restored as a part of restaurant later.

What I like the most is the “Yuba Kaiseki Cuisine” (for Yen 6,170 at the time of this writting).  Yuba is the Tofu skin and this Kaiseki course includes a hot pot of Soy milk.  You wait till the skin becomes film at the surface of the liquid, then using a bamboo stick, you get the skin. It’s fun and it’s delicious!

The attention to the preparation and the presentation is typical of a high level Kaiseki restaurant.