Two Maiko at the Chishaku-In Temple
I am honored to have again one of my photos prized (Special Selection) at the PPK Photo Contest. 

PPK Photo Contest - Award Certificate



Twice a year, in the Fall and the Spring, the PPK Association (Photo Partner Kyoto) organizes a public photo shoot with several maiko and geiko. This time, in November 2016, the shoot took again place in the large and beautiful Chishaku-In Temple located in the Higashiyama district in Kyoto. Despite the rain, several hundreds photographers from all over the country, and even from abroad, participated in the three separate sessions.

Following the shoot, the PPK organized a photo contest where almost 1,000 photos were presented for the competition.  Here is the complete list of the photos selected for a prize: (text in Japanese).

These photo shoots are a great opportunity to take photos of maiko and geiko in beautiful locations at a very reasonable cost.