Maiko walking down the Miyagawa-Cho Street, Kyoto

Walking along the main street of Miyagawa-Cho, one of the five Hanamachi or Geisha Districts of Kyoto.

Maiko (apprentice Geisha) usually walk the streets of this area in late afternoon, on their way to meet their patrons. I spend quite some time around this area around this time, waiting for a chance to take a photo.  One never knows if any Maiko or Geiko (Geisha) will show up or not. And if one does come along, it’s always very brief as they usually walk quite fast, coming out of one door to quickly disappear into another one.  Only natural light (respecting the local etiquette about taking photos of Maiko/Geiko walking around the streets, one should not use a flash). It had been raining earlier in the day and with a cloudy sky, the late afternoon light of this end of July day was simple and quiet. I liked the reflection of the light on the wet pavement.