Maiko Haruchizu Misedashi in Gion Kobu

This year’s cherry blossoms season started even earlier than last year! The early blooming varieties of cherry trees have already past their full bloom. I had the chance to visit two places where one can see these flowers.

Here are a few photos captured at Chotokuji Temple, in town, and along the Yodo Suiro Waterway, a canal in the Fushimi area in the south of Kyoto.    

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Chotokuji Temple

Chotokuji Temple is located right next to the Kamogawa River, across the street from the Demachiyanagi train station on the Keihan line. The large Okame Zakura cherry tree in front of the tenmple entrance is one of the first one to bloom in  the city. 

There are two varieties of cherry trees in front of the temple, the most famous one is the above mentioned “Okame Zakura”. The other one, right next to it, is the “Kanhi Zakura” variety. Both have gorgeous flowers.  

For more detail and information, refer to an older post I wrote a couple of years ago on another blog.



A short 20 min ride on the Keihan line brought us to another beautiful spot with early blooming cherry trees, the Yodo Suiro Waterway.

There, we enjoyed the blossoming flowers of the “Kawazu Zakura” variety of cherry trees. The peak of the blooming was already past, but there were plenty of nice little flowers left, and quite a few small “Mejjiro” birds flying around.  

The Yodo Suiro Waterway