Hanami party by night in the Maruyama Koen Park, Kyoto

In Japan, Spring is a very special time for everybody.  Sure, it’s first and foremost the season of Cherry Blossom. But it’s much more than that. It’s in April that most businesses start their fiscal year.  It’s in April that all schools or universities start. And of course, it’s in April that the nature’s cycle restarts, with flowers popping out of trees everywhere.

The Japanese people not only enjoy this, but they celebrate it with these famous “Hanami” or flowers viewing parties. So when I go out in April to see these incredibly beautiful cherry trees, it’s mainly the people and their celebration and joy that are the subjects of my photography. And it’s always a lot of fun and a lot of pleasure to share these special moments with the people, always happy to share a good time with a stranger. This is another reason I like Japan so much!           

Beautiful image showing the joy of Sakura time, my favourite image to include people, very well framed, composed and sharp despite the obvious challenge….. Great image showing the importance of the time and Japanese people being together and eating, talking, socialising. I like the depth of field and the activity in the background drawing your eye into the distance. The people are the focus and the flags, lights, trees, etc. surround the vision……
Reviewed by Simon Hadleigh-Sparks