Kyoto - Fujinomori Shrine Equestrian Festival

Also called the “Fukakusa Festival,” this festival originated when the colors of Empress Shinko were raised, her weapons put in order, her tomb made and her spirit enshrined after her triumphant return. Featured on this day are two sessions of equestrian rites, powerful and acrobatic. There is also a parade of portable shrines accompanied by armor-clad warriors marching through the nearby parish.

It does get very crowded and may not be a bad idea to arrive early.  Good fun for everyone! And it’s also a great opportunity to catch a few nice photos from Japan.

This festival is famous for the Kakeuma Shinji Shinto ritual that shows skills of handstand and “Fujikudari” (pretending to have been hit by an enemy’s arrow) while riding on a galloping horse.