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Kyo Kaiseki Photography

Kyo Kaiseki is Kyoto style haute cuisine. It’s not just delicious food, it is an art form, balancing taste, savor, look, color, texture, and more. Every detail is well considered to create a unique and memorable experience. 

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Kaiseki Cuisine

The rice is the last dish of a Kyo Kaiseki dinner (Kyoto Haute Cuisine). As usual, it is perfect, first visually and then with its flavor and taste. A dinner at Mitsuyasu is always a wonderful discovery!

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The work of the cook

While waiting for the cook to take care of our meals, I admired the skill of the chef at a Ramen/Gyoza restaurant. It’s always easy and fun to engage in a discussion and ask to take a photo.

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Dinner at Stephane Pantel

A dinner at Ryoriya Stephane Pantel is always a treat. Although we love the traditional Kyoto Haute Cuisine, KyoKaiseki, we also like the refreshing difference brought along by Stephane. This mixture of French and Japanese technics essentially used with local ingredients, but not only is surprising!.

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Junsei Nanzen-Ji Restaurant

Junsei serves “yudofu”, or boiled tofu in English, a popular dish around Nanzen-Ji and around Arashiyama. People say that these two places produce different Yudofu tasting differently. This one, “Junsei”, is the perfect exemple of what to expect from Nanzen-Ji.

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