Geimaiko's Kyo-odori greetings (Aisatsu Mawari) in Miyagawa-Cho, Kyoto

One of the things that make Kyoto so diverse, so interesting and so easy to discover is the way so many events take place without surprise, at a given date, a given time at a specific place, a famous temple or an unknown shrine, because this is the way it’s been for a very long time.  

So, after the dancing spectacle organized and presented by all the Geiko and Maiko of the Hanamachi, has ended, we have a chance to assist to the so-called  Geimaiko’s Kyo-odori greetings tour (Aisatsu Mawari) in Miyagawa-Cho. Of course, the same take place in every Hanamachi around the city. 

On that day, every year, all the Maiko of the district get together, either in simple kimono or fully dressed-up and made-up, and together go from door to door, from patron to patron, thanking everyone for their support.  And of course, it’s a rare opportunity for some amazing street photography. But be prepared – most photographers in town will be present for this event.