Because I like to capture life around me to share what’s happening where I live, I often take photos of events and festival, and for this, I like to have two cameras with different lenses handy. Indeed, with digital cameras, it is neither easy nor practical to change lenses in the middle of the action. 

Nikon Z6 with the 24-70 mm zoom

Except for the Olympus camera below, It took me a while to seriously consider a mirrorless camera. At the end of December, after reading some good comments from people whose opinion I trust, I sold my second D850 body and got a Nikon Z6 kit with the 24-70 mm f4 zoom. 

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by this camera and its performances. It’s taking a little time getting used to, but so far, I really like it. It is quite small and light and its performances in low light conditions are simply incredible. I’ll get back to this new camera later on once I have had more chances to use it in the field. 

Well, I did get an Olympus camera a couple of years ago but never used it very much. I always found it too slow for action photography, with an autofocus system simply too weak compared to what I was used to. it is a great little camera and the quality of the photos it takes is more than enough for quite a lot of tasks. 

Now, together with a 20 mm f1.7 lens, this OM-D E-M10 Mark II has become my go-to camera for food photography. I mean, this is the camera I take with me when we go to a restaurant.