Nikon D850 Body

My main body is a Nikon D850, by far the best camera I have ever used. I have a large number of lenses, but at least 75% of my photos are captured with three of them, two zooms, the 70-200 mm and the 24-70 mm both f2.8, and a prime lens, the 85 mm f1.4. In addition, I am using several other prime lenses and zooms, depending on the subject, the condition, and my mood.  

Nikon D850 + Nikkor 70-200 mm f2.8

This is the basic configuration I usually go out with. Yes, I know, with such a large and heavy load, it makes me look like either a hunter or a dinosaur. But it is fast and precise, always ready for street photography, one of my favorite occupations.

In addition to the some 3 kg of this camera set, I usually have at least one or two extra lenses in my bag, and depending on the case, some filters, a flash, and more!