The beautiful Maiko Fumiyoshi, Hanagasa Junko Procession

The Hanagasa Junko or Flower Hat Procession that takes place on July 24 is a rather new event of the Gion Matsuri.  It was originally meant to replace the second procession but stayed on when this later procession (Ato Matsuri) was reinstated in 2014. 

The procession starts from Yasaka Shrine at 10 AM and returns there two hours later. This colorful parade consists of about 1,000 participants and is quite popular.  I personally like it very much for its variety and the fact that every year two Hanamachi (Geisha Districts) are featured. This year, it was Gion Kobu and Miyagawa-Cho.  I was very pleased to see the beautiful Maiko Fumiyoshi in the cart of the Miyagawa-Cho district.