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Geiko Toshiemi – Photos Exhibition

Toward the end of February 2021, I heard that the popular geiko Toshiemi san was about to retire. This was surprising news about one of the most popular Geiko of the Miyagawa-Cho Kagai. I promptly asked around and received confirmation of her decision to leave.

I was then lucky to be able to arrange for the last photoshoot with her. This took place on the 2nd of March, the day she actually retired.

Geiko Toshiemi was wearing a beautiful pink kimono…

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May 2020 – Ao Momiji Photos Exhibition

After a beautiful cherry blossoms season, things slow down a bit and all is quiet for a while. Then, around the middle of the month of May, is the perfect time to look around the temples and the mountains for the maple trees having new leaves. This is a beautiful period with incredibly strong greens on the maple trees with their new leaves, all around Kyoto. 

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April 2020 – Hanami Photos Exhibition

​The second half of March and the month of April were especially quiet around Kyoto. No foreign or Japanese visitors and even the people of Kyoto refrained from going out. Not only were the cherry trees blooming like usual, but we were also blessed with beautiful weather and numerous sunny days. 

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March 2020 – Hanami Photos Exhibition

This year’s cherry blossoms season has started even earlier than last year. I’ve heard it started ten days earlier than usual! And this year is a special one for the planet. Because of the current pandemic, there are very few people around Kyoto. But we are lucky to not have many confirmed cases of this terrible virus and the cherries are blooming all around. 
Here’s a series of recent photos taken around the city over the second half of March.    

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February 2020 – Plum Blossom

The plum trees are the first ones to delight us with their beautiful white, pink and red flowers that smell so well. These blossoms as early as February. Here are a few photos captured around Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, Jonangu Shrine and a special garden in Mie prefecture, near Kyoto.

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