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I really enjoy taking photos of Kyoto. It's an amazing city and a real paradise for photographers. Almost everything is photogenic here. Look around, the temples, the shrines, the gardens, the old preserved streets, the canals, the trees and their flowers and leaves. And the people! The people of Kyoto are really special -- they are so proud of being born, raised and still living in Kyoto.   

Kyoto is a city that lives with the seasons. Its look changes with the season and it's why I recommend visiting it at least four times, once per season. Sure, the two main ones are the spring with the famous and wonderful cherry blossoms and the fall with the colorful and surprising foliage of the maple trees are a good start.

Kyoto is home to three large and popular festivals, hundreds of years old. One of the largest one in Japan, the Gion Matsuri Festival, lasts a complete month!  The other two, the Aoi Matsuri and the Jidai Matsuri are a perfect opportunity to see hundreds or even thousands of participants dressed in historical costume. And with hundreds of temples and shrines, there is something going on int he city almost every day. 

Together with my friend Richard, I've co-authored a guide for photographers, to share our enthusiasm and passion for this city. And I've put together a few eBooks to help visitors make the best of their limited time in Kyoto. I hope these eBooks prove useful and that you'll enjoy them. 

Hanami – Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto

With over 200 photos, this photo ebook will not only show you the beauty of the cherry blossoms in Kyoto but will explain and describe the way the Japanese people enjoy this season. It will provide you with information and suggestions to discover and enjoy this most wonderful period. . .

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Maiko Koyori eBook

In Kyoto, the old capital of Japan, there remains a secret world that has changed very little since the Edo period – the “Hanamachi” (花街) or “flowers town”. This is where you’ll find old “okiya” (geisha houses) and “ochaya” (tea houses) where the geisha still live and work in the old traditional Japanese way.

This is where I met Koyori san…

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100 Kyoto Sights

Kyoto’s top sights brought to life through the evocative words of long-term resident John Dougill and the stunning photography of Patrick Hochner.

Kyoto is the birthplace of Japanese culture—a fact that is evident in every corner of the city. Japan’s ancient capital is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the famous Golden Pavilion and the fortified Nijo Castle.

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Kôyô – The Fall Foliage in Kyoto

Kôyô, the Japanese term for the fall foliage season, is a beautiful and magical time in and around Kyoto. Starting from the surrounding mountains and hills, every temple, every garden burst with a combination of yellow, orange and red colors. This photo ebook, full of suggestions and inspiration, will help you discover and enjoy the beauty hat has been admired by the Japanese people for centuries.

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