The Gion Matsuri Festival, A Visitor’s Manual

“In this book, I am providing explanation and description for a subjective selection of events, from a local foreigner’s point of view, someone with a camera. This book is meant to be practical first, with details of location and schedule of events alongside their description. At the same time, it is a photo book, chocked full of inspirational photographs taken over the last three years.”

This 76-page ebook will provide you with everything you need to know to enjoy one of Japan’s largest festivals and Kyoto longest event. Schedule, location, tips, all are included to make it easy to find the most interesting events of this month-long festival. The numerous photographs will show you what is happening and the explanation will explain to you how to capture your own images.  

If you’re planning to visit Kyoto during the month of July, and are interested in photography, I highly recommend you to check out this book. It will save you a lot of time and provide you with a lot of interesting insight and information about the amazing event, the Gion Matsuri Festival.  

The ebook is available for immediate download after purchase, in three different ebook formats, namely PDF (70 MB), epub (iBooks, 108 MB) or mobi (Kindle, 240 MB).  

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