The Photographer's Guide to Kyoto - eBoook Cover

by Richard Brown and Patrick Hochner

– Made for Photographers, by Photographers –

This 94-page e-book gives you the best and broadest coverage of Kyoto’s most photogenic locations. The book includes a chapter on the Bucket List locations followed by chapters on different areas of the city. The book includes over 100 photographs, maps, suggested itineraries and planning essentials, as well as photographer-specific details and insider tips on photographic challenges and opportunities at the more than 40 locations introduced.

If you’re planning to visit Kyoto and are interested in photography, I highly recommend you to check out this book. It will save you a lot of time and provide you with a lot of interesting insight and information.  I have spent the last five years living in Kyoto and capturing photographs of this amazing city, its people, its temples and gardens, its tradition, and I am sharing with you all this experience.  

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The Photographer’s Guide to KYOTO

Like a travel book, the guide includes suggested
itineraries and essential logistics. Like a portfolio, the book is full of inspiring images of the most photogenic destinations in the city.

 Visit the most famous must-see places, the iconic temples, the traditional gardens, and many other places following suggested logical itineraries, to avoid wasting time going back and forth! 

Follow our advice to avoid the crowd whenever possible, find little known gems, and capture unique photographs of one of the world’s most photogenic cities. 

Discover Kyoto’s secret world of the Geisha (Geiko and Maiko), the “Hanamachi” or “Flower Town”. Yes, today, they still walk the streets as they have done for generations! When you do see one or better, a small group of them on their way to an engagement, you’ll feel as if the time has stopped! 

Get advice and insider’s information to be at the right place at the right time to capture incredible images revealing their beauty and style.  


Festivals and ceremonies are going on daily in Kyoto, but there is much more than that!

Sure, the largest and most famous events, Kyoto’s Big Three Festivals, the Gion Festival, the Aoi Festival, and the Jidai Festival draw crowds from around the country and the world, and if you are in town, be sure not to miss them.  But while in town, be sure not to pass the lesser-known events — their smaller size means fewer crowds, and they are often just as colorful and photogenic!   

Life in Kyoto starts with the Cherry Blossoms in the spring, the so-called “Hanami” season. This season is both short and unreliable. Discover how to enjoy the unique beauty like the locals do, attending flower viewing parties and following the best timing to visit the places in the proper order. 

“Kôyô”, the autumn color season around November is just as beautiful and just as popular. It lasts much longer and is extremely varied. Be sure not to miss the beautiful evening light-ups where well-placed projectors around specific gardens help reveal these incredible color palette!   

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