The following photos were made during three public photoshoots organized in Kyoto during the Fall (2018 and 2019). The first one presented here was organized by the PPK (Photo Partner Kyoto), an association of photographers in Kyoto. The scale is huge, with five maikos and geikos, three sessions and up to 200 photographers per session.

This year, the PPK photoshoot took place at the Kyoto National Museum, a surprisingly good location. It offers both wide open space and intimate garden and tea house. 

In 2018, the photoshoot (the last one presented here) took place at the Chishakuin Temple. One of my photos received the Special “Chishakuin Prize” at the photo contest. 

The Third photoshoot, organized by Maria Publication (the second one presented here), took place at the beautiful Shôsei-en garden. Here also, five geimaikos (one from each Kagai) come for two sessions and about 50+ photographers each.

I will not argue that these photoshoots are crowded and often a source of frustration as one cannot always get the ideal position or angle, and we have almost no control over the model, what she does or where she looks, the light, the location, and other details that would enable some kind of personal photographic work.

On the other hand, these public photoshoots are a great opportunity and only cost a fraction of the normal price for such a photoshoot with a maiko on location. Plan to spend from yen 7,000 to 20,000, depending on the photoshoot, the number of sessions, the location, the number of photographers, the number of models, and other details.

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