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Hanami – Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto

With over 200 photos, this photo ebook will not only show you the beauty of the cherry blossoms in Kyoto but will explain and describe the way the Japanese people enjoy this season. It will provide you with information and suggestions to discover and enjoy this most wonderful period. . .

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Hanami – Cherry Blossoms Viewing in Japan

The cherry blossoms hold a special place in the heart of the Japanese people. These elusive little flowers known as sakura have a deeper meaning in Japan where, as the country’s national flower, they have become a cultural icon known around the world. For photographers, the subject is varied and offers unlimited options.

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Cherry Blossoms 2020

This year’s cherry blossoms season started even earlier than last year! The early blooming varieties of cherry trees have already past their full bloom. I had the chance to visit two places where one can see these flowers.

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Spring has come at Jônangû Shrine

When we talk about the spring in Kyoto, images of cherry blossoms come to mind. But the flower season actually starts much earlier, in February, with the blossoming of the plum flowers. One of the best places in Kyoto to enjoy these is a lovely shrine located in southern Kyoto, Jōnangū.

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Plum blossoms at the Kitano Tenmangu Shrine

While most people think “Cherry Blossom” and April when considering the Hanami season, in Kyoto, it actually starts with the plum blossoms around the end of February. This is, a few weeks before the cherry blossoms, the actual beginning of spring in Kyoto. Here’s a quick visit to one of the best place there is.

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