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Award Finalist!

Weather Photographer of the Year 2019 Photo Contest – Shortlisted! 
I have just received the following message from the  Royal Meteorological Society in London!  What a surprise and what an honor!
Dear WPotY 2019 Entrant,
I would like to inform and congratulate you on being selected for our Weather Photographer of the Year 2019 shortlist!

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Chishakuin Prize! (February 2019)

Once again, I am honored to have one of my photos prized (Chishakuin Prize) at the 13th PPK’s Maiko and Momiji Photo Contest. In November 2018, the photo shoot took place in the large and beautiful ChishakuIn Temple located in the Higashiyama district in Kyoto…

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The Photographers…

Expert’s choice No.2!
As photographers, I think we have all been in a situation like this and it’s very easy to follow the crowd! By turning the camera around towards the group of photographers, Patosan has made a lovely and gently humorous image. I love the concentration on everyone’s face!
Expert review by Mark Mercer From Contest “Crowds” on Photocrowd

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Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion

I love this photograph of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. It’s almost a black and white photograph except for the gold of the temple. The snow adds to the delicacy of the image and helps to exude a wintery atmosphere.
by Sue Barr, Expert judge for the contest

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Hanami Party, Maruyama Koen

In Japan, Spring is a very special time for everybody. Sure, it’s first and foremost the season of Cherry Blossom. But it’s much more than that. It’s in April that most businesses start their fiscal year. It’s in April that all schools or universities start. And of course, it’s in April that the nature cycle restarts, with flowers popping out of trees everywhere.

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