Cherry tree blooming at the Taizo-in Temple

The second half of March and the month of April were especially quiet around Kyoto. No foreign or Japanese visitors and even the people of Kyoto refrained from going out. Not only were the cherry trees blooming like usual, but we were also blessed with beautiful weather and numerous sunny days. 

In addition to my usual favorite spots such as the Gosho Imperial Park, Hirano Jinja or Heian Jingu, I also focused on the Arashiyama area with such amazing places like Daikaku-ji and the Osawa Ike Pond, as well as little known or visited places like the beautiful Rokusonnou Jinja Shrine or the amazing Shôsei-en Garden, both located very near the Kyoto station.

And this year, we went for the first time to another area, the mountains located South-West of Kyoto where we enjoyed the gorgeous Yoshiminedera Temple and others like the Shoboji Temple and the Shoujiji Temple (aka “Hana no Tera” or Temple of flowers). 

Here’s a selection of photos of cherry blossoms taken around the city over the second half of March and in April.    

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