Naginata Boko float, Gion Matsuri

The Naginata Boko float is the only one having a real child as a divine messenger (chigo) on board along with two child-ministrants. Since ancient times, this float has never drawn lots to decide its position and is always leads the procession.

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Welcome by Maiko

Maiko Fukutama

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Honen-In Temple

This is definitely one of my favorite temples in Kyoto. Honen-in, is small, only fully opens twice a year for a short one-week period, but it is a very special place for its atmosphere and its calm beauty. Its entrance gate is quite spectacular especially during the autumn leaf season and is worth a visit by itself.

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Yasaka-no-To Pagoda

A lone pagoda rising overlooking the floating world of Gion below, Yasaka-no-To Pagoda is a lovely sight by day or night.
While most pagodas come complete with temples, Yasaka-no-to Pagoda stands mostly alone, the buildings of the temple of which it once belonged (Hokan-ji Temple) having been destroyed by fires, earthquakes and wars over the years.

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Welcome to My Kyoto Photography!

The old capital of Japan, the city of more than 1,000 temples, is a photographer’s paradise.  I’ve been calling Kyoto home for a few years now, and I’m pleased to share my interest and my love for this fabulous city.